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The Island of Men is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to creating transformational spaces for men. Our belief is simple; mens work to support men, women and the wider community.

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Time: Oct 10 at 3:00 PM – Oct 13 at 4:00 PM UTC+11
Location: Licola Wilderness Village​
Tickets Price: $395-$495


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Menergy is the 4 day men’s retreat that inspired the creation of Island of Men.

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"I came back feeling joy, calmness and tranquility and reacquainted with myself after attending and connecting with all the men at the IOM event! I feel the main Menergy event would be even more profound and it was great to have a taster of it through the Island Of Men day event!"
Sanchit Agarwal
Sanchit Agarwal
"The island of Men was an inclusive and welcoming space. There was a no judgement and felt comfortable to express myself freely. The workshops was full of great practical information that have truly changed my life. Meditation, breathwork, spiritual guidance, fellowship, men’s business..... it felt like home and at one with my brothers"
Luke Saunders
Luke Saunders
"Well done organisers. Just started an amazing tradition, hopefully for many years to come. Will learning in place, the event will grow to become super important for our growth and advocacy of men’s issues."
Nussy mark
Nussy Mark
Visualiser of Interiors