Island of Men

Island of Men is a global movement of men looking to deepen connection with self, community & nature.
We facilitate events that bring men together to expand their relationship with their own heart.

Who is IOM?

In short… You are, and I am.

Island of men is a collective of like-minded individuals that come together to teach, inspire and support each other. We operate under a not-for-profit structure and our events are organised by a team of volunteers. Our volunteers are men just like you, who have attended IOM and have been called to keep this great work going since 2018.

Man Praying

What can I expect?

You can expect to be welcomed with open arms and open hearts and to feel comfortable and respected. You can expect some of the most inspiring speakers and workshop facilitators in the community. There will be music, dancing and the freedom to express: the opportunity to listen and to be heard. Expect personal challenges and opportunity for growth. Expect food and connection to a like minded brotherhood. Expect to leave richer for the experience and to make new and meaningful connections.